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The Quran contains more than 750 verses which describe the behaviour of the universe or the behaviour of part of the universe. The description of the behaviour of the universe or part of the universe comes hand in hand with the encouragement for the human being to think and to ponder the perfectness of the creation of the universe or part of the universe and then reflect the Creator of the universe. These verses are thus related to the belief or aqeedah . Islam regards the universe or part of the universe as the signs and all the signs (ayat) are thus referred as the book of Allah observed. Everyones can read this book of The God (al-Ilah, alLah). The Quran, on the other hand contains the verses (ayat) which are to be read by the human being Muslim as well as the non-Muslim. Thus in Islam, the Quran is the book of Allah read. Reading or Iqra in Arabic means to read (aloud as well as softly or quietly) with the understanding. Thus the Quran has to be understood.

When The God describes the universe, The God describes them with knowledge of everything. The God describes the origin of the universe, what is going on in the universe as well as what will happen to the universe. The God describes what is in the sea, the nature of the sea, land, mountain etc. For example, verse 30 Chapter The Prophet (al-Anbia') Allah says
."Do not the Unbelievers see that the heaven and the earth were one unit of creation and We parted them and We created living organism from water".

Human being had tried to speculate the genesis of the universe.You can read the ideas about the creation of the universe through the link CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE. The Christian and The Jew believe the Bible narration from verse 1 to verse 24 of the chapter Genesis. The Muslim believe the creation of the universe as what has been describe by the Quran, Chapter The Prophet verse 30.

The meaning "Do not the non-Believer see that the heaven and the earth were one unit of creation and We parted them asunder and We made every living organism out of water"

The Quran uses the word heaven and earth, the earth because the Quran is addressing the human being who dwells the earth. Here and up there, meaning everything up there. The popular theory of the origin of the universe according to cosmology is what is known as "The Big Bang" and the majority of the cosmologists accepted this theory. Of course efforts are made to challenge this theory and this is precisely the nature of theory to expand the knowledge.In the event of the theory being challenged, would the Quran also be challenged?. The Quran will remain and theories change but this types of theories cannot be disproved because the event took place billion of years ago.

The Expanding Universe
The universe began with the Big Bang. The impact of the immense explosion pushed the galaxies formed further away from the starting point, and the distance between the galaxies are contineously increasing up and until the present day. But the the movement of the galaxies as predicted by the cosmologists will slow down and finally stop. When this happen, the galaxies start to attract each other, and the universe will contract and finally arrived at what the cosmologist call as "The Big Crunch".
The Big Crunch

The cosmologists predict that the expansion of the universe will stop and then the whole universe will begin to contract. The law of gravity says that every object attract each other. When the universe stop from expanding, the galaxies will start to attract each other and consequently the universe contract.

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